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This is a blog post know scan to email on Dell laser printer with stepwise guidance by the experts. The entire process is described right here to know how to scan email on Dell laser printer and solve the printing related issues on Dell printer. If a Dell laser printer not scanning to email then this blog post is helpful to solve this problem and allow Dell to scan and email. Follow the instructions given below to know how to scan email on Dell laser printer.


Steps to Scan Email on Dell Laser Printer:

Step 1: Load the document face up into the DADF.

Step 2: It will place a single document face down on the document glass.

Step 3: Now press “Scan to Email” from the home screen.

Step 4: Here you need to move the left/right arrows to select send email.

Step 5: Here you need to feed the recipients email address.

Step 6: Now customize the scan settings like scan color settings and format or PDF etc.


Step 7: Here you need to start button from the screen.

Step 8: Now your printer starts scanning and sending mails.

All these steps are enough to know how to scan email on Dell laser printer with online assistance to deal with such issues. Just call at 1-844-395-2200 Dell email support number to get online help by experts to configure the right settings to scan the email Dell laser printer without facing any issue. This online help service is also available for troubleshooting scanning related issues while using the Dell scanner with Windows or Mac computers. And also read how to Fix Dell Scan to Email Not Working Issue?



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