How to Fix Dell Scanner Not Connecting

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This is blog post for solving Dell scanner not connecting with windows 10 PC and provides the right solution if there is any issue while connecting the Dell scanner with Windows 10 OS based computer systems. The most suitable steps are discussed right here in this blog post to that help to connect Dell scanner with Windows 10 computers and if there is any kind of technical issues it can be also fixed right here Dell scanner not connected as illustrated in the steps given below.


Steps to Solve Dell Scanner Not Connecting with Windows 10 PC:

Step 1: First of all users need to uninstall the entire Dell software suite.

Step 2: Now verify for entries remaining for the scanner in the device manager and if found any uninstall it.


Step 3: Now select Home/Private Network location.

Step 4: Select here network discovery as per your current Windows OS version.

Step 5: Now try to add printer by the use of WSD if it is showing no scanner installed.


Step 6: If failed, download the scanning App that can scan PDF after selecting Feeder or Flatbed as the source inside of the app.

These steps can help you is solving the Dell scanning related issues while connecting with Windows 10 computers. If there is any problem or Dell scanner is not connecting you can take help from a certified technician who will help you remotely in solving such issues. To get online help call at Dell scanner support number 1-844-395-2200 and allow the remote access to troubleshoot such issues and connect the Dell scanner with Windows 10 PC.



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