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To solve USB port problems on Dell laptop find here the right troubleshooting process and use the USB port without facing any issue. This blog post explains how to identify if USB port is working or not, how to update the BIOS to latest version, how to Set BIOS Setting to Default Settings and how to use diagnostic tool to test the USB ports. If users follow these instructions, they can fix the USB port issue on Dell laptop and enjoy the connectivity with other devices.


Follow given below method to Fix Dell Laptop USB Port Problems:

  • Update the BIOS to Latest Version
  • Set BIOS Setting to Default Settings
  • Use Diagnostic Tool to Test the USB Ports

If there is any problem or problem is not fixed, contact for customer support to get online help for Dell laptops and solve such issues by experts. This online help service is also open round-the-clock for various types of other technical issues affecting the performance of Dell computers and laptops including software issues and connectivity problems etc.



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